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Amid the natural beauty of the Dolomites sits a remarkable work of human endeavour: the Church of Our Lady of the Cadore. Ivan Carvalho pays tribute and asks an architectural historian about this amazing structure.

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Next up, we are off to Italy to talk about architecture in the Alps. The Dolomite mountain range in the country’s northeast is a stunning work of natural beauty, with a collection of peaks that are unique in the world. It is here among snowy meadows and sweeping vistas that one also finds a remarkable body of manmade work from one of Italy’s lesser known postwar architectural masters: Edoardo Gellner. Working in and around the resort town of Cortina d’Ampezzo, Gellner created an architectural style that was modern in appearance and yet relied on traditional building materials for its execution. To learn more about Gellner’s legacy, we dispatched Monocle’s Milan correspondent Ivan Carvalho to Cortina to hear from those who worked with him and those who now reside in the late architect’s buildings.

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